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I'm from Australia and live in the Hunter Valley in NSW. I am one of three siblings.
As a child I had an inner knowing.
Later in life, I traveled extensively and found out I had to write my books.

My books are a series of books called - My Secret Self-Series, the first book in this series is:
My Secret Self: Trial and Tribulations of an Innocent - Book 1, it was published in September 2019.
Second book in the series is:
My Secret Self: Questioning Life in Marriage - Book 2, it was as published in July 2019.
Third book in the series is:
My Secret Self: Death and the Cycles of Life-Book 3, it was published in March 2020.

These books are based on my life experiences. Life wasn't easy for me however, due to these experiences I questioned life and why life was how it was. I never ruminated on my issues I wanted to know about life and other cultures in the world.
My experiences caused me a lot of isolation. Due to this, I was open to inner knowledge that seemed to seek me out.
In my fifties, I went on my Spiritual Journey answering my calling to go to Istanbul, Turkey. I went there not knowing about the people or the culture. I followed my Spirit and just went on my Calling. Many of us have a Calling in life and never heed to it. This is where I wrote my books.
My books will take you on a journey. I feel life is to be experienced and through our experiences, we can follow our Calling, and complete our healing for this lifetime.
My life experiences, have prepared me to understand myself and became very resilience person.
In understanding myself first, I then could investigate further, into understanding other people, who played a part in my life experiences with me.
As a child and all my adult life, I've had a deeper spiritual knowing. I’ve known that life is deeper than the physical body and mind.
I’ve been told; my books are inspirational, from those who have read them.
The experiences, I'd experienced as a child and into my adult life have put me on a soul's journey of self discovery, that's helped me to become a much more open, stronger person.

Family generational patterns, have played a big part in unraveling my life and unraveling these patterns, has changed me to be inquisitive, courageous, truth seeking, calmer, capable and a more tolerant and understanding person.

My mottos are:

“Self-Knowledge Heals all.”
"Self-Knowledge is Self Power"
“Life is to be Experienced.”


Writing the Book in Istanbul

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