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    Author, Esoteric Soul Healer


I am from Australia and I live in the Hunter Valley in NSW. I am one of three siblings. I lived in a dysfunctional family. I had as a child a knowing. later in life, I traveled extensively and found out I had to write my books.

My books are a series of books. My Secret Self: Trial and Tribulations of an Innocent - Book 1, it was published on September 2019.
My Secret Self: Questioning Life in Marriage - Book 2, it was as published on July 2019. These books are based on my life experiences. Life wasn't easy for me however, due to these experiences I questioned life and why life was how it was. I never ruminated on my issues I wanted to know about other cultures in the world. Through my experiences, I experienced a lot of isolation. Due to this, I became a very resilience person. In my fifties, I went on my Spiritual Journey answering my calling to go to Istanbul, Turkey. I went there not knowing about the people or the culture. I followed my Spirit and just went on my Calling. Many of us have a Calling in life and never heed to it.
My books will take you on a journey. I feel life is to be experienced and through our experiences, we can follow our Calling and complete our healing for this lifetime.

I'm an Esoteric Soul Healer. My life experiences, I have prepared me to help others who have gone through a dysfunctional family. I have a deeper understanding of people and their complexities. I work on an intuitive level. I can tap into your soul's energy and bring forth the right question for you to answer, for your own personal growth as a person.

As a child and all my adult life, I've had a deeper spiritual knowing. I’ve known that life is deeper than the physical.

I’ve been told; my book is inspirational, from those who have read it. The experiences, I experienced as a child and or as an adult have not left a scar on me and or define me, today. Instead, I have become a much stronger person through my experiences.

Patterns from my family have played a big part in my life and unraveling them, has changed me to a very calm and capable person.
My mottos are:
“Self-Knowledge Heals all.” "Self-Knowledge is Power"
“Life is to be Experienced.”


Writing the Book in Istanbul

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